The college provides Hostel facilities for girl students. Selection for admission in to the Hostel is made for one session on the basis of merit, conduct and distance. Exception may be considered in case of Govt. servants and employees on transfer. Admission in to Hostel will be given after the college admission. Seats will be allotted to the selected candidates on production of money receipt against their Hostel admission.


1. The college has three Ladies’ Hostels having 30 seats in Hostel-1, 38 in Hostel - 2 and 40 in Hostel - 3 which run under the supervision of the Superintendents, who are deputed by the Principal from the teaching staff.
2. The selection for the hostel is made completely on the merit basis.
3. The session of the hostels is from June to May.
4. A student getting admitted into the Hostel in any term will have to pay the monthly charge up to the end of the term.
5. A student admitted in to the Hostel but not stayed thenshe will not have to pay monthly charge but her admission charge will be forfeited.
6. A boarder admitted to the hostel must abide by the rules of the hostel; otherwise she will be expelled from the hostel by the Superintendent / Principal.
7. The allotment of seats in the hostel is the discretionary power of the Supt.
8. A boarder seeking leave from the hostel must apply to the Supdt. in advance and obtain his/her permission for it.
9. The presence of the boarders will be checked at 6 p.m.
10. If a boarder decides to leave the hostel forever she will have to apply to the Supdt. and to clearup the seat rent for the continuing term.
11. Every Boarder is responsible for the hostel furniture allotted to her. In case of any breakage the cost will be deducted from the caution money of the concerned boarder.
12. The hostel, as well as the mess, will be closed during Puja Vacation and Summer Vacation,
13. The study hour in the hostel is from 6.30 a.m. to 9a.m. (morning) and 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. (evening). It should be strictly maintained by the boarders.
14. Boarders sent up for council & University Examination have to pay hostel dues in full, upto the end of the session, before they fill up their forms failing which they will not be allowed to fill up forms.
15. Monthly mess charges may be varied during the session depending on the the price index of the time.
16. No meeting can be held by the boarders during study hours without the permission of the Superintendent.
17. Guest meals shall not be entertained in the mess without the prior permission of the superintendent.
18. One Prefect and an Asst. Prefect shall be appointed by the superintendent, from the boarders, in order to assist the superintendent in maintaining discipline in the Hostel.
19. All complaints against the cook and the attendants should be brought to the notice of the Superintendent.
20. A boarder may be rusticated from the Hostel on the report of the Superintendent for gross misconduct.
21. Inmates of girls hostel shall not be allowed to go outside the hostel during early morning or beyond working hours of the college for private coaching, computer education etc.
22. A boarder seeking leave from the hostel must apply to the suptd. in advance and the suptd. must duly be intimated by the guardian in time for the purpose.
23. Boarders are asked to submit one photograph and the contact number of her legal/local guardian for recognition.
24. No guardian (legal / local) will be allowed to meet the boarders after the visiting hour is over.

Visiting hours : Morning 8A.M. to 9A.M.
Afternoon 4P.M. to 5P.M.

Arrangement of Mess in the Hostel :

1. The Hostel Mess is controlled by the Hostel Superintendent.
2. One Mess Mangager and an Asst. Manager will be nominated from the boarders by the Superintendent for every month. He/she is to run the mess for the particular month for which he / she has been nominated.
3. The mess provides only two meals a day. Baorders should take their meals in a disciplined way in the dining space.
4. Each boarder has to pay Rs. 200.00 only in advance at the time of admission towards mess and Rs. 100/- on the 15th day of each month for the same.
5. Guest meals can be entertained by a boarder for a maximum of 3 days in a month.
6. Mess establishment charge is same for all baordersand it has no link with the number of meals taken.
7. Neither a guest meal nor stopping of a meal shall be entertained by a boarder after 4 p. m. of the day.
8. The boarders default in mess dues can not enjoy guest meal in the name of other boarders.
9. Serious action will be taken by the Superintendent for misappropriation of mess money either by the manager or by any boarder.
10. Boarder should take their meal at the fixed meal hours as follows :

9.30 A.M. to 12.00 A.M. (Morning)
9.30 P.M. to 10.30 P.M. (Evening)


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